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Thank you for turning to Habitat for Humanity of Wichita Falls to fulfill your Court-ordered community service hours.  We are happy to help you fulfill this commitment.  We want this volunteer experience to be rewarding.  In doing so, there are certain guidelines we maintain as a way to stay organized and ensure a positive working relationship. 


The following guidelines must be met: 

  • All CSR hours must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance.

  • We do not accept anyone convicted of theft or violent crimes.  We will not ask you what you have been fined for but will ask if it is theft or violent crime.  If you answer "No" but we later discover that your conviction falls under either category, your hours will not be credited to you.

  • CSR tracking hours forms are given to you by your probation officer, county clerk, judge, or lawyer.  You are responsible for bringing the CSR forms with you on a daily basis.  We are not responsible for lost forms or hours not logged.  We do not "back sign" for days you missed getting a signature.  Not having your form signed may forfeit your ability to get credit for your CSR hours

  • Once your tracking form is either full and/or you have completed your hours, the Volunteer Coordinator will sign off on your form.

  • All CSR volunteers are required to sign a waiver form for each calendar year.

  • You must sign in and sign out on our "sign-in sheets" for us to sign off on CSR forms.  You are responsible for having your CSR forms signed at the end of each volunteer day.

  • Please wear shoes that cover your toes while volunteering.

  • Bring a water bottle marked with your name on it.

  • We have a refrigerator to hold snacks or lunch if you would like to bring your food.

  •   Shorts are acceptable, but please have shorts that are just above the knee.

  • Please do not have any alcohol, tobacco, or drug logos, ads, or suggestive sayings on attire.  Please cover any tattoos which promote alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or violence.

  • There is no smoking on site.  On breaks, smoking can be done in designated areas only.

  • You will be required to sign  a CSR agreement page stating you have read, understand, and will abide by the above guidelines.

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