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Members of the Sustainer's Club  participate in a monthly giving plan.  If enough people participate on a regular monthly basis, this progam alone could build homes for all the families waiting.  We've even broken it down for you!


If only  375 people or groups donate $10 per month x 12 months =1 home per year



Groups or businesses are able to participate in the amazing work that Habitat does by sponsoring a home.  A sponsor has first choice of build days, is included in all signage and advertising, and is monetarily responsible for helping a family turn their dreams into reality.  It takes $45,000 to sponsor a Habitat home, but there are many levels of support available.  If this is something  that your group or organization would be interested in taking part in, please contact my office to get more information and get started.




There are many ways to contribute to Habitat, as many ways as there are people who want to be a part of this tremendous work.  Whether through planned giving, a special donation, or even our Cars For Homes program, anyone can be a part of this work.  Contact me today, and I can show you how you can make a difference in the life of a family.


Cars for Homes

This program allows you to put that old junker to use building homes in your community.  By donating old cars, boats or other vehicles, Habitat then takes the money generated by the sale of that vehicle and puts it right back into our community building homes for families in need.  Contact  or call 877-277-4344 to start your donation.


Will Goodner

Director of Marketing

1206 Lamar

Wichita Falls, TX  76301


940-716-9372 Fax

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