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Sustainer Club

Building more than houses.

Everyone deserves a safe and comfortable place to sleep.


Our community needs your help. 

Sustainer Club Purpose

The Sustainer Club of Habitat for Humanity is a giving program that partners with individuals and businesses to raise funds to provide more decent, affordable homes for low-income families in our community.

We ask that our volunteers and supporters consider making a regular monthly donation to Habitat for Humanity to help with the purchase of the land, building materials, and to pay for the professional services needed to build our houses with our low-income families. Your monthly contribution will go directly to the Habitat building program which also helps to alleviate processing and fundraising costs. 

By becoming a Sustainer of Habitat you make it possible to better plan our builds for the year by providing a predictable, constant stream of funds. Any amount will help and all donations are appreciated. If you are unable to commit to a monthly pledge amount, a one-time donation can also be made to help local Habitat families.

Our Program

The Wichita Falls chapter of Habitat for Humanity International was started in 1992. Each affiliate of HFHI is responsible for its own operations, volunteers, and fundraisers. Since our start, HFHWF has built or renovated over 100 homes for families in our community. We believe it's all about neighbors helping neighbors to do something they cannot accomplish on their own. We know that as a community we can accomplish great things together. 

HFHWF carries out the many activities required for home construction including raising funds, getting volunteers, acquiring local land and building permits, hiring sub-contractors to provide professional services, acquiring the building materials, and coordinating the construction schedule. When all activities are complete, our total ranges from $75,000 to $90,000. 

Together we can change our world and make it a better place for all but it starts by helping those in need right here in our community. Please join us as we help local families escape inadequate and substandard housing by helping one family at a time to have simple, decent, energy-efficient, and affordable housing.


To learn more about our Habitat families and the criteria that must be met in order to become a Habitat homeowner, please visit

How to Get Started

Join the Sustainer Club by enrolling using the Sustainer Club Registration link or by mailing your check to the Habitat office with "Sustainer" on the memo line. 

To terminate your ongoing contribution, simply provide Habitat written notice requesting termination or suspension of the charges. 


1206 Lamar

Wichita Falls, TX 76301

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